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This is post twelve of fourteen on our trip to Northern Ireland and Croatia, minus our mini Game of Thrones tour. Those posts can be found here.

Mr. Selfish and I have been to our fair share of medieval cities, but we have never been in awe of how beautiful a city is until Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik 01Dubrovnik 02

I mean, it is ridiculous how amazingly well-maintained Dubrovnik is. It felt practically Disney-esque in its perfection. I half expected to turn a corner and find Mickey Mouse signing autographs. Fortunately, there were no mascots to be found.

Mr. Selfish, Cousin Selfish, and I stayed at an airBnB outside of the city walls. So we had to hike all the way down to Old Town every day.

Dubrovnik 382Dubrovnik 385Dubrovnik 04

Of course, the hike down is not problematic. It’s the hike back up to our apartment that was tiring. But I guess it was worth it because Old Town looks like this:

Dubrovnik 06Dubrovnik 10Dubrovnik 12Dubrovnik 13Dubrovnik 575Dubrovnik 14Dubrovnik 11Dubrovnik 22Dubrovnik 23

I’ll say that it’s definitely worth the hike down but if I had to re-do it, I would probably find a place to stay inside Old Town.

The Beautiful Rector’s Palace

One of the more notable buildings in Old Town is the Rector’s Palace, which served as the seat of the Rector from the 14th century until 1808. We’ve already gone inside the Rector’s Palace in our Game of Thrones post, and the following are some photos of its epic exterior.

Dubrovnik 07Dubrovnik 08Dubrovnik 09

There is a small museum inside the Rector’s Palace, of which you couldn’t take photos. However, we were able to take photos of the courtyard area.

Dubrovnik 15Dubrovnik 16Dubrovnik 17

The Fascinating but Creepy Rupe Ethnographic Museum

Another museum that we visited in Dubrovnik was the Rupe Ethnographic Museum, which was located inside an old granary dating back to the 16th century.

Dubrovnik 20MuseumDubrovnik 21

While we there, the museum had an exhibit on Croatian fairy tales, which was fascinating and creepy all at the same time.

A Quick Boat Ride to Lokrum Island

Mr. Selfish, Cousin Selfish, and I decided to go to Lokrum Island, mostly for Game of Thrones reenactments but also because it looked beautiful.

Biggie Dubrovnik 255

Lokrum is the green island in the distance.

It was a short 10 minute boat ride costing only 60 kuna (~$9.30 USD) per person.

Dubrovnik 24Dubrovnik 25

The view from the boat of the walled city was pretty good. Mr. Selfish snapped the shot below while I was enjoying the sea breeze.

Dubrovnik 26

Lokrum Island itself was quite scenic as well. There were plenty of swimming opportunities – although we were sans swimsuits and couldn’t swim.

Biggie Dubrovnik 122Dubrovnik 29Dubrovnik 31

There were even wild peacocks roaming amongst the sunbathers.

Dubrovnik 30

Since we didn’t have our swimsuits, we decided to hike to Fort Royal Castle for an elevated view of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik 32Dubrovnik 33Dubrovnik 34Dubrovnik 35

It was a long hike uphill under a treacherous sun but Mr. Selfish managed to take some nice pics of Dubrovnik from the top. I was too busy sweating my butt off to take many photos.

Dubrovnik 38Dubrovnik 39

This concludes my post on some of the sights inside Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island. Tomorrow, Mr. Selfish will go over how we walked along the wall of Dubrovnik.