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You may have noticed that Mr. Selfish and I haven’t been blogging lately. If you follow our blog, you may have surmised that we had Baby Selfish, and you would be correct. Baby Selfish arrived in early February, and we’ve been absolutely consumed with her since.

Map Map 105

We are enjoying being new parents, but Mr. Selfish is already quite anxious for our trip to Japan in May.  As you can see from the above photo, we are already starting the process of indoctrinating her with all things Totoro so that we can someday take her to the Studio Ghibli Museum outside of Tokyo.

Despite all of this baby time, I did manage to finish the rest of our Selfish Guides. There are now new Selfish Guides for Istanbul, Tanzania, Taiwan, Greece, Northern Ireland, Croatia, and our Game of Thrones tour. I’ve also updated the guides for Seoul to include the rest of South Korea and made a guide to Hong Kong, separate from the China guide.


Enjoy! And does anyone have tips for traveling with a three month old infant in Japan? We’ll be going to Tokyo and Kyoto for two weeks.