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Baby Selfish is now 5 months old and is starting to transition out of the “will-sleep-anywhere” phase to the “wants-to-look-grab-and-yell-at-everything” phase.

New Here

Don’t believe the hype. She’s actually been around for several months.

While I am a huge fan of cheap third world countries, Baby Selfish seems to be thriving under a steady routine, and I’m not sure what third world countries she could visit at this point. Probably none.

So instead, we decided to explore more of good ol’ North America. Check out our 2015 – 2016 travel schedule.

2015 - 2016 travels

USA! USA! USA! Also… Canada.

To Seattle! And our other international trip… Vancouver

First up, we’re meeting some friends in Seattle then driving to Vancouver. In fact we leave… today! Probably as you’re reading this!


The forecast is an excruciatingly hot 90+ degrees and our place doesn’t have A/C, so there’s a good chance we’ll have to blow some points on a hotel room. Thanks, AirBnb!


Next, we’re driving up to Vancouver for our other international trip of the year. In keeping up with our grand tradition of getting out of the States when stuff starts exploding, we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July here and also my birthday, which happens to be around the same time.


Hawaii in the Fall

Next, we’re heading to Kauai in the fall on a direct flight from Oakland. I took advantage of the British Airways award program and booked us for 3 seats on Alaska Airlines, so 75,000 UR points total + taxes. Not too shabby for a 6 hour flight.

Here’s hoping Baby Selfish doesn’t suffer a major meltdown…

GH Kauai

We’re spending our first 3 nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai in a suite, which I booked with points & cash + a diamond suite upgrade certificate. Since this is a Category 6 property the cost came to 12,500 Hyatt points + $150 a night, which I lowered to $130 a night by purchasing Hyatt gift cards through raise.com for a sweet discount.

The remaining 4 nights are in an Airbnb on the northern side of the island, so we’re hoping to get some hikes in near Princeville.


Sedona & Flagstaff For Thanksgiving

Sunset on Cathedral Rock near Sedona, Arizona.

Our last trip for the year is to Flagstaff, Arizona to meet my folks for Thanksgiving. We purchased tickets on US Airways using a companion pass, so tickets were roughly $200 pp (since we sprung for a ticket for Baby Selfish). It’s a surprisingly expensive flight for such a short trip.

We’re staying at an AirBnb since our party size is 6+, so no hotel reviews here. Since Baby Selfish will be older, I’m hoping to bring my big camera to take some sweet pics, and will be blogging in the event this happens.


Burning Club Carlson Points in Chicago and New York in 2016


Since Club Carlson massively devalued their rewards program in May 2015, I ended up blowing the rest of our points at top American properties in 2016 at two of our favorite cities: Chicago and New York.


First up is Chicago in the spring at the Radisson Blu Chicago. We booked 4 nights for a total of 100,000 Club Carlson points.

I’m especially looking forward to Chicago’s cheap eats, which are second to none, including my favorite popcorn: Garrett’s! I eat it basically every time I go to Hong Kong and Tokyo, so am looking forward to eating it at the mother ship.


Next up it’s New York City at the Radisson Martinque off of Broadway for 4 nights in Fall 2016. The hotel has that whole old New York feel to it, but the location is supposed to be pretty great. Right near the Empire State Building and K-town.

At 100,000 Club Carlson points for 4 nights, the price was right. Plus I can always visit New York in the Fall.

So that’s our current travel plans. A far cry from 13 countries back when we first moved to SF, but perhaps a bit aggressive for people with a baby.

Does anyone have any recommendations for any of the above places? We’re especially interested in Kauai recommendations since this will be our first time in Hawaii.