The Selfish Guide to London

The Selfish Guide to London

Mr. Selfish and I had wanted to start our selfish year trip in London. Alas, the 2012 Summer Olympics had different plans for us. Housing was outrageously priced. As a result, we took a week-long detour to Ireland first and then headed to London.

Here’s our epic London map:

[Disclaimer: This was our personal Google map for London. It is possible that not all of the pins are accurate since we did not visit all of them. Plus, I think I maxed out of pins at some point and had to delete some of them, so not all of the main attractions may be listed in the map.]

We spent a month in our Highgate apartment, north of London. We enjoyed the remnants from the Olympics, and the weather was surprisingly sunny and beautiful.

Although it was expensive, we attempted to maximize London as much as possible by visiting the free parks and the many free museums.

Mr. Selfish and I also visited the markets in London. It was free and full of cheap bites and shopping opportunities.

Finally, we took quite a few day trips – Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Arundel Castle, and Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey).

Here’s our “best and worst of” list in London:

Best Deal – Shakespeare Globe Theatre

Shakespeare Globe

Best Park – Hyde Park


Best Market – Borough Market

Borough Market

Most Overrated – Changing of the Guards

Changing of the Guards

Best Scones – Yumchaa


Best View – Tower of London

Tower of London

Best Meal & Cheap Eats – Tayyabs


Best Large Museum – British Museum

British Museum

Best Small Museum – The Wallace Collection

Wallace Collection

Worst Festival – Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill

Best Day Trip – Cambridge


Worst Day Trip – Brighton


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