The Selfish Guide to Munich

The Selfish Guide to Munich

Mr. Selfish and I visited Munich, Germany for three nights. We picked the optimal time to visit Munich – during Oktoberfest.

Here’s our Google map of Munich:

[Disclaimer: This was our personal Google map for Munich. It is possible that not all of the pins are accurate since we did not visit all of them.]

I had always known that Oktoberfest was a huge German celebration with lots of beer but I didn’t know that there would be roller coaster rides or that at least half of the population would be dressed in traditional German clothing. It was much more festive and charming than I thought it would be.


And, that is my first recommendation: go to Munich during Oktoberfest.


If you can’t manage the timing for Oktoberfest, Munich is actually a very charming city on its own. Mr. Selfish and I very much enjoyed wandering around the historic part of Munich.


However, I don’t recommend Olympic Park or the BMW Welt though. It may have been because Mr. Selfish and I are not into sports or food, but I didn’t think it was all that interesting.

The Bavarian food was good but quite heavy. There is only so much sausage and potatoes a gal can take.

Bavarian Food

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