The Selfish Guide to Siem Reap

The Selfish Guide to Siem Reap

Mr. Selfish and I only spent three nights in Siem Reap, but we crammed it all in. Here’s our Google map of Siem Reap:

[Disclaimer: This was our personal Google map for Siem Reap. It is possible that not all of the pins are accurate since we did not visit all of them.]

My first tip for Siem Reap is to not visit it during Lunar New Year. The throngs of Chinese tourists flashing their cameras were unbelievable. We could hardly maneuver around Angkor Wat, which is quite huge.

Angkor Wat

My favorite temple was Ta Prohm, which is overgrown with trees and has not yet been rebuilt.

Ta Prohm 

I also really enjoyed the faces of Bayon – only partially because they kind of resemble Mr. Selfish’s face.


Banteay Srey was an interesting temple but I don’t know if it was worth traveling one hour each way to visit.

Banteay Srey

My next tip is if you want to go up Phnom Bakheng for sunset, make sure you get there early. Once again, we were stopped by the massive crowds of Chinese tourists on holiday.

Phnom Bakheng

My final tip is to get a tuk tuk driver that you trust to drive you around Angkor Archaeological Park. We loved our driver – Mr. Nga.

Mr. Nga

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  1. happen to stop by your blog. Wonderful wonderful blog!
    i kept clicking from one post to another, and i cant stop.

    makes me wanna pack my bag and wander off. 😀

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