The Selfish Guide to the Maldives

The Selfish Guide to the Maldives

The Maldives is yet another slice of paradise that me and Mr. Selfish have been fortunate enough to visit. As a result, it only warrants a very, very simple guide that can be summed up in two words – go there! For those of you wanting more information, here’s our guide, which is specific to the Conrad Rangali resort.

Biggie Maldives 086

Step 1 – Fly to Malé.

In March 2013, Mr. Selfish had booked a room at the Conrad Rangali. By July of that year, I was telling him to cancel the reservation since there were too many flight connections to get to the Maldives. About that same month, new flights from Hong Kong to Malé opened up, and Mr. Selfish was thrilled.

Step 2 – Stay in Malé as little as possible.

Male 14

There isn’t anything wrong with Malé but it isn’t a worthwhile destination. Mr. Selfish and I stayed the night at the Hotel Octave, which offers complimentary pick-up and drop-off from the hotel to the airport.

Step 3 – As early as possible, take a seaplane to the Conrad Rangali Maldives.

Maldives 035

It’s a short and scenic flight. Even though we showed up fairly early, the staff was quite accommodating.

Step 4 – Stay in the Maldives as long as possible and indulge in paradise.

Biggie Maldives 146

Optional sub-steps:

A. Upgrade to an overwater bungalow. If you’re going to be in paradise, then might as well do it in style.

Maldives 271

B. Get a massage. At the Conrad Rangali, you can have a couple’s massage in your own private overwater bungalow. Baller!

Activities 31

C. Go snorkeling. The house reef at the Conrad Rangali is teeming with life.

Activities 02

To get to the house reef, you should walk to Beach Villa #220 and start swimming straight out into the ocean. At that point, you’ll be swimming in between an opening in the reef. After a little while, there is a huge 60 feet drop, and you can see lots of marine life.

D. Swim with whale sharks. The Maldives is one of the rare places in the world in which you can find whale sharks year round. You can go snorkeling or diving with whale sharks, and although it is NOT guaranteed that you will see one, it is pretty likely.

Lucky 09

Swimming with a whale shark for about 20 minutes was such an amazing experience. I think that the Maldives trumps Bora Bora for me due to whale sharks.

E. Eat the local Maldivian curry.

Maldives Cheap Eats 030

Although Maldivian curry is not as spicy as other curries, we found it to be delicious!

F. Enjoy happy hour with a view.

Activities 08

Vilu at the Conrad Rangali has a daily happy hour from 5-6pm, You can enjoy unlimited drinks, including beer, wine, the cocktail of the day, and soft drinks, and then munch on a free canapé at the end of happy hour.

G. Take afternoon tea.

Activities 19

From 4-5pm everyday, Mandhoo Spa Restaurant has a free afternoon tea. There are cookies and a variety of teas you can sip. It was a perfect snack after having a relaxing massage next door!

In a nutshell, luxuriate in paradise.

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