The Selfish Guide to the UK Lake District

The Selfish Guide to the UK Lake District

Mr. Selfish and I spent one night in Windermere and two nights in Keswick. Upon arriving in Windermere, we rented a car and drove to Keswick. Renting a car is really the only way to get around in the Lake District. Here’s our Google map:

[Disclaimer: This was our personal Google map for the Lake District. It is possible that not all of the pins are accurate since we did not visit all of them.]

The entry point by train into the Lake District from Edinburgh is Windermere, but I wouldn’t stay there for more than a night. I highly recommend climbing Orrest Head but wouldn’t waste your time at Lake Windermere.


By far, the best hike in Keswick is the Catbells. I would definitely pick the day with the best weather and hike it.


Although the weather wasn’t too great for us, the hike around Lake Derwent was still lovely. But be prepared, your shoes will get muddy!

Lake Derwent

On our way back to Windermere to drop off the rental car, we visited the Castlerigg Stone Circle, which is definitely worth a quick stop.


If you’re into hiking, there are certainly a lot more places to hike. Personally, I am a slow hiker so these places were the best for me and Mr. Selfish.

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