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Mr. Selfish and I have a difference of opinion on certain types of food.  While I love fondue and hot chocolate, he can do without both.  However, when we came to Zurich, Switzerland, I knew that we would have to try the specialties of the region, so I forced him to eat fondue and drink hot chocolate.  Yes, I know – it’s a horrible existence for Mr. Selfish.

We tried two fondue places.  Through these two places, we gleamed a few things about Swiss fondue.  First, the Swiss don’t serve many veggies with their cheese fondue.  The options were either bread and potatoes, tomatoes, or pickles.  Second, cheese fondue is quite filling.  Third, the best part of the fondue is the hardened cheese at the bottom of the pot.  It takes some scraping but it’s completely worth it.  Fourth, the Swiss don’t serve chocolate fondue for dessert.  Surprising, I know.

The first fondue restaurant we tried was Raclette Stube, which was a small little restaurant serving only fondue.  Raclette Stube was very delicious and, as we learned later, very well-priced.  We also enjoyed the ambiance of the small restaurant.

The second place we tried was Le Dézaley, which was, based on my research, the most recommended fondue place in Zurich.  It was a much larger restaurant than Raclette Stube but equally charming.  This time around, we ordered the Zurich veal (veal in cream and wine sauce) in addition to the fondue.  Both were quite delicious, and it was nice to be able to switch back and forth between a meat dish and the cheese fondue.

I enjoyed the fondue (more than Mr. Selfish), but I had to save room to try Swiss hot chocolate as well.  We tried two hot chocolate places.

The first was Sprüngli, which I had read had the best hot chocolate in Zurich.  I ordered the standard hot chocolate and Mr. Selfish ordered the cold chocolate.  Both were quite tasty – though I can’t say that mine was better than other hot chocolates I’ve had.  I will note that the staff at Sprüngli was a bit snotty for my taste.  I don’t usually pay that much mind to rude waitstaff but one waitress in particular stands out in my memory as the rudest waitress I’ve ever had.

The second place we went to was Truffe, and it had an entirely different feel from Sprüngli.  It was just one little shop, and the hot chocolate was for takeaway. The hot chocolate was comparable to Sprüngli and sans attitude from the waitstaff, which is always a good thing.

Generally, I enjoy my hot chocolate a little darker and thicker.  We’re currently in Paris, France as I write this post, and I’ve definitely had better hot chocolate here already.

The last memorable food that we had in Zurich was sausage from Sternen Grill, which is essentially a permanent food truck.  The white sausage was cooked perfectly and served with a piece of white bread and spicy home-made mustard.  It was delicious and cheap!  I highly recommend it if you go to Zurich.