The Selfish Years is a lifestyle and travel blog written by traveling married couple, Kyle Gray and Christine Ho.  Kyle is an indie game developer and Christine is a lawyer.

After living in Orlando for 8 years, we decided to rent their house, throw out all of their worldly possessions, and wander the world. Thanks to the world of miles and points, we were able to do so in style.

Leaving Orlando

From here…


To here!

Since 2011 we have accumulated over 9 million miles and points which we’ve spent on numerous trips. Prior to our introduction to the world of miles and points we visited 18 countries over 4 continents, scrimping together our earnings for international trips during Thanksgiving.

The Selfish Year and Beyond

In August 2012, we left for a year long trip that spanned 25 countries and 5 continents. This site was started as a chronicle of that trip, but has largely continued as a travel blog. Since our return to the States in 2013 we have visited a total of 15 countries. To date we have visited 44 countries and over 200 cities around the world.


Who is the blog for?

Anyone who is looking to break out of their rut and see the world!  We’re working professionals, not backpackers – so while we like to travel on the cheap, we’re not staying at hostels or camping grounds.  If you enjoy food, new sights, and good living all while saving money, you’ve come to the right place!

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