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When I learned that there was a monkey forest in Ubud, I knew that we had to visit it while we were in Bali. Its official name is the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtega. Approximately 605 long-tailed macaques live in the monkey forest. It was amazing to see so many monkeys wandering around.

Monkey 05Everywhere Monkey 08 Monkey 09

The monkey forest was, of course, set among a forest. The trails were lovely since it was so lush and verdant. The monkey forest is also the site of a Balinese Hinduism temple. The monkeys are believed to be capable of guarding the temple against evil spirits.

GreeneryMonkey 18Green Monkey 19Jungle

Mr. Selfish, my cousin, and I all had cameras. We had a field day since there were so many photo ops.

Monkey 12 Monkey 15 Monkey 20

Finally, my cousin got a little too close to one of the monkeys. She smiled at it, and it took it as a sign of aggression and grabbed her. Mr. Selfish and I were cracking up, and fortunately, he caught the entire scene with his camera.

Monkey 01 Monkey 02 Monkey 03 Monkey 04

I highly recommend the monkey forest. It was beautiful and very surreal to be close to so many monkeys. I wouldn’t recommend baring your teeth at them though.