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Mr. Selfish and I traveled to Xi’an, China primarily to see the Terracotta Warriors Museum. In doing my research, I learned that there was a lesser known tomb in Xi’an for Emperor Jingdi, which is also known as Hanyangling. We decided to visit this tomb first and save the Terracotta Soldiers for later.

In hindsight, I found the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi to be a more well-done attraction than the Terracotta Warriors Museum. The Chinese government recently renovated the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi, and as a result, the Tomb is better designed and allows you closer access to the excavation pieces. Most of the pits had a glass walkway over which you can walk to see the thousands of excavated pieces.

Xi'an 01Glass WalkwayXi'an 04Xi'an 05

Instead of just three pits like at the Terracotta Warriors Museum, the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi had 81 pits (albeit smaller pits). I also enjoyed that the variety of the excavated pieces; there were different types of people, soldiers, and even a variety of animals.

Xi'an 06Xi'an 07Xi'an 08Xi'an 09

The Tomb of Emperor Jingdi was also more high-tech that the Terracotta Warriors Museum. There was a 3-D film concerning the life of Emperor Jingdi and his empress. The 3-D was pretty good, and the scenes rapidly changed virtually right before your eyes.

Xi'an 10Xi'an 11

More importantly, the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi was not crowded at all. Even though we went on a Sunday, there were times when Mr. Selfish and I had whole rooms to ourselves. Needless to say, the Terracotta Warriors Museum was jammed pack full of Chinese tourists shoving and pushing for that perfect photo op that they could never find since they insist on using their flash for every shot. Mr. Selfish and I even made sure to visit the Terracotta Warriors Museum on a non-holiday weekday but to no avail.

We enjoyed the museum in the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi practically by ourselves.

MuseumXi'an 15Xi'an 17Xi'an 18

Finally, the Empress tomb had beautiful yellow flowers. It was a nice bit of nature.

Xi'an 19

If you come to Xi’an for the Terracotta Warriors Museum, I would definitely visit the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi as well. It is not as famous but it is definitely a first rate attraction that is less crowded and better designed.