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Since we lived in Orlando for eight years, Mr. Selfish and I oftentimes had annual Disney passes. Not only do we love the Disney parks, but our friends and family who visited undoubtedly wanted to go to Disney.

Even though we’ve been to the Disney World parks dozens of times, I never took that many photos since I was always figured I would go back. With the exception of Epcot, which we re-visited during our selfish year, I don’t have that many photos of the other three Disney World parks. So here’s my disclaimer: these next three posts on Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom will not have as many photos as my other Disney posts.

Although I don’t have the photos to do it justice, I feel that Animal Kingdom is the best designed Disney park. Not only does it never feel crowded (despite being the 7th most visited park in the world), the foliage and ambiance are on point.

Animal Kingdom 01

The center of the park is the Tree of Life, which is an artificial tree that is 145 feet tall and 50 feet wide.

Animal Kingdom 02TreeAnimal Kingdom 06

We love walking around the Tree of Life. In particular, we enjoy seeing the two red parrots that are always screeching at one another in a loving way.

Expedition Everest: Probably the Best Coaster at Disney

The best ride in Animal Kingdom and probably all of the Disney parks is Expedition Everest, which is a roller coaster through the Himalayas. Similar to the Matterhorn, Everest also has a Yeti that comes and interferes with your ride. However, as I’ve mentioned previously, Everest is a far superior ride than the Matterhorn.

Animal Kingdom 07Animal Kingdom 08

Dinosaur: Time-Traveling with Clair Huxtable

The other fun ride in Animal Kingdom is Dinosaur in DinoLand U.S.A. This ride is a time-traveling car ride through the late Cretaceous period. I enjoy the instructional safety video beforehand with the actress who played Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Animal Kingdom 09

Kilimanjaro Safaris: Real Animals!

Finally, the Kilimanjaro Safaris is an actual safari ride (with real animals unlike the Jungle Cruise). There are numerous African animals free roaming while you ride in an expedition jeep.

Animal Kingdom 14Animal Kingdom 10Animal Kingdom 11Animal Kingdom 12Animal Kingdom 13

You can also take a short walk on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and see tons of animals. I like the gorillas the best.

Animal Kingdom 15

To make up for my lack of photos in this post, here are some silly photos of us in Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom 05Silly Photos

In conclusion, Animal Kingdom is definitely a worthwhile Disney park. It has the best coaster in all of Disney – Expedition Everest. Plus, it’s very well-designed and themed, and of course, you can see tons of animals.