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This is the second of seven posts on the Selfish’s customized Game of Thrones tour. Check out the other posts here:

After spending two nights in Dublin, Mr. Selfish and I embarked on our Game of Thrones tour proper. On our drive to Belfast, we had three filming locations on our list – the Haunted Forest, Winterfell, and the Twins.

Tollymore Forest Park is the Haunted Forest

First on our list was Tollymore Forest Park, otherwise known as the Haunted Forest in GoT. The most notable scene in the Haunted Forest/Tollymore is in the first episode of season 1, in which the Stark family discovers the dead dire wolf and her pups.


Tollymore is a beautiful park with a very large area for exploration. We had to pay admission for our car, which was only 4.5 pounds. As soon as we arrived, we knew we were in the right place to start our GoT tour.

Tollymore and Castle Ward 02

Yes, that’s a Game of Thrones tour bus with a tour guide all dressed up.

Unfortunately, Mr. Selfish and I didn’t find any dire wolves or Starks. We couldn’t even pinpoint any exact filming locations since it was such a large park. It was lovely just wandering around though.

Tollymore and Castle Ward 05[4]Tollymore and Castle Ward 03Tollymore and Castle Ward 04Tollymore and Castle Ward 06Tollymore and Castle Ward 07

It was especially nice next to the stream since you could enjoy all of the different bridges.

Tollymore and Castle Ward 08Tollymore and Castle Ward 11Tollymore and Castle Ward 09Tollymore and Castle Ward 10Tollymore and Castle Ward 12Tollymore and Castle Ward 13

The Grounds of Castle Ward Contains Winterfell and the Twins

Next, Mr. Selfish and I went to Castle Ward to see Winterfell and the Twins. We arrived quite late in the day and didn’t have to pay the 7 pound admission. They still gave us a map at the gate, and as you can see, the grounds are quite extensive and pretty.

Belfast 087Tollymore and Castle Ward 20Tollymore and Castle Ward 22

Mr. Selfish quickly parked the car, and we immediately went searching for Winterfell. The first two scenes below are from the first season when King Robert Baratheon and his entourage arrive at Winterfell. The third scene is the Winterfell archery scene between the Stark boys.


Based on the above map, Winterfell is #3 (the Farmyard). It actually wasn’t much to look at, and I wouldn’t have believed it was Winterfell, except there were signs for the archery scene there.

So, here’s the real life version of Winterfell.  Yeah, the above scenes have tons of CG.

Tollymore and Castle Ward 15

Even though it didn’t look like Winterfell, Castle Ward was still capitalizing off of the fact that GoT was filmed here. Since Mr. Selfish and I arrived so late, there was no longer any archery going on, but we could still see where it was set up.

Tollymore and Castle Ward 16Tollymore and Castle Ward 17Tollymore and Castle Ward 18Tollymore and Castle Ward 19

Next, we walked toward Audley’s Castle (#12 on the map above) to see the Twins, aka as the Crossing. The Twins is the seat of House Frey of the infamous Walder Frey and is, of course, where the Red Wedding takes place.

The Twinsvlcsnap-2014-08-16-11h05m27s56

Once again, get ready for some mad CG. Here’s the real Twin (yup, there is only one building):

Tollymore and Castle Ward 21

Obviously, there is a great deal of post CG work going on. Plus, it looks like the establishing shot was probably made from the water. Sans boat, Mr. Selfish and I could only take the above shot. It was certainly pretty but still a far cry from what HBO can do.

On a side note, if you’re in this area, you should stop by Mourne Seafood Bar (Main Street, Dundrum, Newcastle, Down BT33 0LU, United Kingdom) for a meal. We had some of the best fish and chips and chowder there. Yum!

Tollymore and Castle Ward 23Tollymore and Castle Ward 24Tollymore and Castle Ward 25

This concludes Day 1 of our GoT tour. Tomorrow, Mr. Selfish will go over how we tracked down the filming locations for the Iron Islands, the King’s Road, and the Red Woman scenes.